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More About Me & The Birth of Chic Spirit Athleisure


A Little More About Me 

Hi Babes!

I am a So Cal 80’s baby, a wife to an amazing and supportive husband named Victor , a mom of four boys (lil Vic, Moses, Adrian & Jacob ) and a glam-ma . 

One of my favorite things to do is TRAVEL. I love traveling because I get to meet people and embrace culture and of course trying different foods. 

My friends and family would say that I am such a fashionista! I’ve always had a passion for fashion ( like that rhyme ?) and I enjoy having a active lifestyle. I like to workout and I also enjoy hiking. 

Before I to started this online business I was a full time personal / business banker for 16 years. 

The Birth Of Chic Spirit Athleisure 

I created Chic Spirit Athleisure because I love activewear and I love fashion, so it made sense to me that I only combined the two. When I'm not all dolled up and being extra, I'm always in some type of athleisure wear. Athleisure has given me throughout the years the motivation I needed to help me reach my personal weight goals and I wanted to inspire and help motivate those who struggle with their own goals as well. Something about new cute comfortable athleisure has always motivated me to get my ass more active. I always like to pair some type of activewear with loungewear ,and other comfortable trendy clothing styles. Athleisure is fun! Whether I just want to look cute doing stuff around the house, running errands , walking those farmer markets & antique stores with my husband , going to theme parks with my son or going to go get some food & drinks with my gals pals athleisure is there for me. 

I think that the most challenging thing when starting this company was making sure I put out great quality clothing and still keep it at a affordable price point . Its important to me that it’s comfortable and practical as well. With that said each piece is personally selected by me carefully from my trusted venders. 

I hope that Chic Spirit Athleisure will give you that motivation you need to achieve any personal goals you have set for yourself and also to inspire your own chic spirit within. I hope that the styles you create with your Athleisure wear pieces make you feel confident and capable . I truly appreciate you for supporting my business and thanks for visiting my page! 


Stephanie B.




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